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If you are anything like me you’ll agree that the stomach is the hardest part of the body to shred weight from and tone up. There are so many flat stomach exercises to do and yet other body parts just seem to respond when we train them but the stomach always seems stubhorn when it comes to losing the body fat in the area.

Again if you are anything like me you have spent countless hours researching how to get the flat belly of your dreams and have no doubt seen countless flat belly exercises and diet plans promising the world. I know what I am talking about as I have been through the same process as you which is why I made this site.

I decided to compile a list of exercises and diet plans and offer additional advice where I was able to. I also offer an opinion where possible if I have tried the exercise, diet or product. Take your time and look around the site, I hope you find the flat stomach exercises and nutritional advice provided useful in getting the flat stomach of your dreams.

So where should you start?

6 Of My Favourite Flat Stomach Exercises

A lot of people tend to over complicate their routine when it comes to developing six pack abs. Getting that elusive six pack is difficult but doesn’t need to be complicated. There are a number of flat stomach exercises that you can perform. I will get to list my favourite 6 shortly but first I will quickly address the number one thing that people forget about when chasing their six pack. Diet!

No matter how many flat stomach exercises you perform you are not going to see the fruits of your labour without cleaning your diet up and reducing the amount of bodyfat that covers your abdominal region. Diet is the missing link for most people.

You will need to put some real thought into what foods you are eating as well as how often you eat them. Treating your diet like a routine, the same as all the exercises you perform, is the best suggestion I can offer. It’ll be difficult to stick to at first but will get easier with time as your body adjusts.

You should follow the basic rules below when planning your diet:

1: Eat smaller healthy meals, split them into 6 – 8 servings to keep your blood sugar stable and cravings under control.

2: Ensure that each meal contains a good amount of protein.

3: Increase the amount of vegetables you are eating. It is pretty much impossible to eat too much when it comes to vegetables so go wild.

4: Always have breakfast and make sure that you eat something before and after your workout. This will fuel your body during training and recovery.

5: Avoid eating anything that contains simple sugar like sweets & chocolate.

6: The meal after training should contain carbohydrates but avoid carbohydrates in any other evening meal.

7: Plenty of water will ensure your metabolism stays fired up throughout the day so make sure you drink plenty.

What are my favourite 6 flat stomach exercises?

In addition to the diet advice above you should be performing a combination of the following flat stomach exercises in your routine.

1: Russian Twists

Start at the top of the situp position holding a weight with both hands in front of you. Twist your torso to the right until your arms are parallel with the floor. Pause and return to the starting position. Repeat this to the left. This is one repetition.

2: Kettlebell Windmills

To start the movement you need to clean and press a kettlebell overhead in one hand. Hold the kettlebell above your head and start to bend your hips to one side. Slowly lower your free hand until you are able to touch the floor. The kettlebell should remain above your head throughout the movement.

Return to the starting position and repeat the exercises on the other side.

3: Hanging Leg Raises

The hanging leg raise is another great flat stomach exercise. Hang from a chinup bar and raise your legs until your thighs reach a 90 degree angle with your torso. You can increase the intensity by keeping your legs straight. You can also add a slight twist into the movement for variety.

4: Gorilla Chin / Crunch

Similar to the exercises above you start the movement hanging from a chinup bar using an underhand grip. Bend your legs to a 90 degree position whilst pulling yourself up towards the bar. A repetition is complete when your nose reaches the same level as the bar.

5: Barbell Ab Rollouts

The barbell ab rollout is a cracking core exercise. Load a barbell with 5 or 10 lb plates and place it on the ground in front of you. You begin the movement by bending at the waist until you are able to grip the bar. Your legs should remain straight.

Slowly roll the bar forward controlling the movement using your abdominal muscles, your body will stretch out into the pushup position. Pause when you reach this position and the slowly pull yourself back to the starting position while breathing out.

6: The Plank

The plank is one of my favourite flat belly exercises which is great at developing overall core strength and stability. Start in the pushup position but lower your arms to the floor, resting on your elbows. This is known as the prone position. The exercise requires you to hold yourself in this position for as long as possible. Keep your back straight and your breathing normal during the hold.

Further Reading

Exercise myths are a big problem and with so much information being available today it is often difficult to find out if what you are reading or being told is actually useful or not.

We are bombarded with information telling us that exercise is good for us and that lives could be saved if people were more active but a large proportion of us are still sedentary or do very little activity daily. I sometimes get the feeling that people are being scared away from exercising as they are unsure of what they need to do or what will happen if they do it. In a wolrd of information overload, videos, magazines, friends and colleagues all providing advice I hope to clear away some of the most common exercise myths with this article.

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Sticking with the myth theme and the confusion that is often caused as a result I would reccomend reading the following article explaining why the common misconception that eating fat will make you fat is not only wrong but that some fat is actually good for you.

In the same way as we discussed exercise myths in one of my other articles which you have probably been told were true I don’t doubt that some of you will have also been told to avoid eating fat if you want to lose weight. I am going to try to show you why considering the nutritional value of food is more important than counting the calories contained within it. Most of the vitamins and minerals in the food we eat is stored in the fat within that food. If you were to just compare  calorific value then you may end up choosing a bag of crisps instead of a portion of nuts even though you already probably know that the nuts are better for you!

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Performing an exercises correctly is crucial to get the most benefit and avoid getting yourself injured. Injuries can cause big delays in your progress and should be avoided at all costs.

The basic sit-up exercise is a strength training exercise for the abdominal area, the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles. Executing the perfect sit-up is important to avoid injury when performing the movement.Ensure you have have warmed up properly before performing any exercise!

  1. To start the sit-up you need to lay flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet securely placed on the floor. Your feet should ideally be placed inline with your hips.

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If only it was as easy as changing the food we eat in order to turn our body into a fat burning furnace.

The chances are that as you have found this website you are looking for a simple way to reduce the fat that is either slowly building around your midsection or the fat that has already taken hold in that area. The belly fat has to be attacked using more than one approach, exercises to burn extra calories and a healthy, nutrition diet containing foods that burn belly fat. I will focus on the diet in this article starting with some of the best foods I would recommend adding to your diet.

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