Exercises to flatten stomach

There are hundred’s of exercises you can do  for ab training, but they are not all effective and they don’t target the same area and the problem is that people are looking for weired exercises because they think that they will get the results fast !! that’s wrong you can do the basic and known exercises and get results just by changing training variables

If you’ve only been doing crunches or other belly workouts and not seeing any significant results, it is probably because you need to lose the weight first.  you have to get rid of fat, You can’t tone it.

Lot of people are searching for way  to lose belly fat because it’s avery difficult area to target and and it get flabby fast.

Here are the best flat stomach exercises :

Cardio Exercises

Yes Cardio again, you’ll need to combine both cardio to lose that fat and strength exercises to help tone the area if you want the best chances of success. you need to work on losign the fat first then Tone the stomach area, that’s the truth everyone is ignoring.You need to perform exercises four times a week for at least 30 minutes each session.

Hanging leg raises

Ab bicycles

Ab wheel

Stability ball hip flexion

Abdominal vacuums

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