Most effective way to lose weight

There are so many websites, diets and conflicting advice when looking to lose weight. After Christmas and New Year, I looked at making my lifestyle healthier with the added benefit of losing weight. So my research started to find the most effective way to lose weight.

I wanted to share my top 10 tips which hopefully will help you too.

Out of all of articles I read when looking to find the most effective way to lose weight, I picked the tips below to help me get a healthier lifestyle move forward.

1. Keep a diary of your day.

Keep a notebook and list all food and drink consumed each day. This has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight as statistics show people eat anywhere from 15% to 50% less when doing this. This will help you understand what you are eating each day, when any problem areas occur i.e. snack times, late night cravings etc…. One of the first things a personal trainer will ask you to do is write a food diary – therefore this is a good place for you to start too!

2. Find yourself a weight loss buddy.

Get yourself a weight loss buddy. This could be a family member, friend or work colleague. It is important to have the support of someone else who has a similar goal, who you can share experiences with and can provide additional motivation when needed.

3. Cheap and cheerful, buy a Pedometer.

Buy a pedometer and check how many steps you do a day. They are inexpensive and can even be worn under clothes to work or out socially. The recommended daily figure is 10,000 steps a day. It is a great way to challenge you daily and help you to lose weight. This encouraged me to take lunchtime walks, walk to the shops in the evening and increase my daily steps by taking longer walks on the weekend.

4. Use smaller plates.

Use smaller plates for your meals. This allows you to control your portion sizes and means you don’t feel you have to fill up a plate to make it look more appetising. It sounds simple, but really works.

5. Drink plenty of water.

The amount of water you need to consume will vary on your weight, daily activity, your environment and diet. However, the average recommendation is eight glasses a day. Water is required to avoid dehydration; dehydration slows down fat burning process. The calorie burning process creates toxins; water plays an important part in flushing them out of your body.

6. Pick the right food and vary it.

The type of foods you eat are imperative to meeting your weight loss target. Increase your super foods such as oats, lentils, green vegetables, oily fish, berries, avocado and oily oils (These foods curb cravings and increase your metabolism). Reduce starchy carbs such as bread and pasta but increase fibre rich carbs such as fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods. It is important to have a nutritionally balanced diet though so be careful not to suddenly cut out one type of food if you usually eat it every day. You can read more about this in the 10 foods that burn belly fat article published on this site.

7. Eat 3 good meals a day and healthy snacks.

You need to have 3 healthy balanced meals a day but snacks are just as important to avoid cravings. Healthy snacks can include unsalted/unsweetened popcorn, raisins, oatcakes, fruit, low fat yoghurt, nuts etc.

8. Have a plan.

Create a gym program or plan. If you don’t, you will aimlessly go to the gym working the same muscles because you are in the routine of going on certain machines. Create a plan yourself or ask someone in your gym to help. This will also ensure you don’t get bored and keeps you motivated for your sessions.

9. Weight and measure yourself monthly.

Weigh yourself monthly instead of weekly, this way you avoid disappointment if you have had a bad week. It also stops you becoming obsessed with the scales! It might be an idea to measure yourself instead of weighing too – you can see the inches come off and your body change shape.

10. Taylor your weight loss program to you.

Everyone is different and it needs to suit your needs and lifestyle for it to work long term. Set yourself small achievable targets to ensure you don’t lose interest and motivation. Also, ensure you include something you enjoy – if you like lively zumba classes, don’t waste your time attending a yoga class – it’s got to be fun and something you want to do, not dread!

So these are my top tips to lose weight. However as you can see there is no ONE way which is the most effective way to lose weight. It can be a mixture of all or a few of the above that works for you. It is important that whichever way you choose, it is the healthy way – no crash diets or sudden bursts of exercise after years of doing nothing.

You have to introduce changes gradually and increase activity bit by bit. And finally make it fun so it is something that will last longer than a few weeks.

If you found this article helpful, please share it with your family and friends. Thank you!

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