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10 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

The chances are that as you have found this website you are looking for a simple way toFoods That Burn Belly Fat reduce the fat that is either slowly building around your midsection or the fat that has already taken hold in that area. The belly fat has to be attacked using more than one approach, exercises to burn extra calories and a healthy, nutrition diet containing foods that burn belly fat. I will focus on the diet in this article starting with some of the best foods I would recommend adding to your diet.


Salmon is high in essential fatty acids which assist with burning fat whilst providing a host of other health benefits. The fat content in salmon does mean that portion size should be a consideration.

Protein Powder

Getting a good quality protein powder and supplementing your diet to ensure you keep the muscle tissue developed from your exercise is crucial to burning fat. Muscle tissue is ‘expensive’ in terms of calorie consumption meaning you burn more calories even when at rest.

Peanut Butter

Make sure you opt for the natural variety. Peanut butter is high in unsaturated fats satisfying your hunger for longer. This will help prevent you from snacking between meals. As peanut butter is also high in fat portion sizes need to be kept under control.


Fruit is often high in calories due to the carbohydrates contained in them but providing you are eating an apple as part of the whole days meal plan you’ll be fine. The added bonus is the dietary fat contained in apples also helps to make you feel fuller for longer preventing snacking.


Oatmeal is a perfect choice for breakfast due to it’s high dietary fibre and protein levels whilst still being free of any simple sugar. If you find oatmeal a little plain you may want to add some protein powder or a small amount of honey to it.


Broccoli is low in calories being only 43 calories per average serving, is high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. Your body will benefit in more ways that fat loss by adding this vegetable to your diet.


All nuts are high in fat but walnuts are particularly high in essential fatty acids, similarly to a portion of salmon. Essential fatty acids help maintain a stable blood sugar level and encourage the use of fat as an energy source.

Egg Whites

They are low in calories and are one of the highest biological value protein sources available for you to eat. They are cheap to buy and are very versatile when it comes to cooking them.


These are high in fibre and high in the essential fatty acid, omega 3 which is good for your heart, immune function, inflammation caused by exercising and weight loss.


Are very low in calorie content but high in dietary fibre. These will make you feel fuller for longer after eating and as an added bonus have a small amount of protein for repair following exercise.

Adding all of the above into a single day’s meal plan is a little much to ask initially but start by picking one or two food items and try adapt your diet going forward. In addition to the other health benefits these foods that burn belly fat will have you trimmed down in no time, and lets be honest, they all taste great too!


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