Best Exercises For A Flat Belly

I am often asked what are the best exercises for a flat stomach and always intially ask what the person is doing at the moment. I almost always get a reply containing crunches, sit-ups, trunk twists or leg raises but hardly anyone ever replies walking, jogging, cycling or any other cardiovascular exercise.

The best flat stomach exercises are often skipped with people attempting spot reduction methods instead. They attempt to encourage fat loss specificly in the abodominal area by targetting the muscles there without realising that their body doesn’t burn fat that way. In the same way your body deposits fat in all areas it burns fat from all areas when exercising.

It is impossible to make your body burn fat from your stomach alone. You are wasting your time trying, your body simply doesn’t work like that. Instead you should be focusing on full body workouts, cardiovascular exercises whilst attempting to reduce the amount of calories you eat daily.

I have made the paragraph above bold as I feel that if you take anything away from this website that will help you this is possibly the most important tip you could leave with.

A 20 – 30 minute, fast paced walk on the flat or ideally uphill is a perfect way to increase your bodies metabolism and force it to use fat as a fuel instead of carbohydrate stored in the muscles. I would also encourage resistance training, aka weigh training to increase the muscle tissue in your body. Your body burns more calories simply by maintaining the extra muscle tissue even when you are at rest! Awesome! And don’t worry about getting the bodybuilder look, I don’t mean weight lifting to that extent, just a general full body workout.

That is just one example, other exercises for a flat stomach could be jogging, running, cycling, swimming or anything that you can do for around 20 – 30 minutes that gets you out of breath and burning bodyfat. Incase you were wondering I am not telling you to avoid exercising your abs full stop. I still think this is a vital part of your routine but I wanted to empasise that bodyfat loss is what will get you the flat stomach your after. Abdominal exercises do burn calories but primarily increase strength and stability in your bodies core.

Start of with choosing one of the flat stomach exercises above and perform them 3 times a week, your body will thank you for it and your flat stomach will follow shortly after!

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